Friday, December 14, 2012

Skyline grows Ranunculus year round

At first glance, bloomed Ranunculus appear so delicate that they almost look to be made of tissue paper.  The flower, which is also known as a buttercup, is grown in a variety of colors and is very popular among brides.

Here at Skyline, it takes about three months to grow Ranunculus and typically, they're grown on our farm under shade clothes.  What separates us from other growers, we grow Ranunculus year round which is rare.

Some say in the language of flowers, a bouquet of Ranunculus says, "I am dazzled by your charms."  It is thought the blooms are captivating and dazzle the eyes.  They are ideal for a new love interest or someone you highly admire.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Snap City USA - Snapdragons

Skyline is known for its beautiful "Snapdragons."  In fact, we are known around the world as "Snap City USA."  The tall flowers typically take around ten weeks to grow on our farms.  Of course, depending on our weather conditions.

Snapdragons are a favorite among children who like to pinch the tiny individual blossoms and make the "dragon mouth" open and close. It's said the common name for this colorful flower comes from the snap it makes when the sides of the "dragon's mounth" are gently squeezed.  Their large, blossom-laden flower heads are faintly fragrant and come in all sorts of bright colors.

It seems their actual origin is unknown, but it's believed that snapdragons were originally wildflowers in Spain and Italy. Legend has it that concealing a snapdragon makes a person appear fascinating and cordial, and in the language of flowers, snapdragons are said to represent both deception (perhaps tied to the notion of concealment) and graciousness.

Here's how some expand on the meanings:

Meaning 1: Deception
Legend has it that the suitor who hides a snapdragon has allure and an appearance of congeniality. From this concealment may have arisen the tradition that snapdragons signify deception. Deception can be an accusation, a query, or a private meaning for an individual circumstance. When combined with another flower, such as purple hyacinth which expresses an apology, the general message could be a humble plea for forgiveness of an indiscretion.

Meaning 2: Graciousness
Gracious--synonymous with benevolent, courteous, and obliging--is a secondary meaning for the snapdragon. When given to a hostess, the snapdragon presents the perfect picture of formal appreciation for kind hospitality. Used in bridal bouquets, the snapdragon may represent a wish for a fortunate and blessed marriage.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pink Oriental Lilies

They're big, beautiful, fragrant and have a vibrant color.  Pink Oriental Lilies are some of the most popular flowers in the world and there are many reasons why.

Here at Skyline, it takes us typically about 100 days to grow our pink oriental lilies and we have all kinds.  Some are light pink, some are hot pink and others are pink and white.  

It seems the most well known pink lily is the Stargazer.  Some say it can express every feeling you can think of - from joy to appreciation and sympathy.   Known for its striking blooms and heavenly scent, the stargazer is a fantastic choice for a number of occasions. Delicate, bold, and fragrant all at once, stargazers can say Congratulations, I'm Sorry, and everything in between.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Santa Monica Farmers Market - Day before Thanksgiving

Crazy busy is the best way to describe the Santa Monica farmers market the day before Thanksgiving!  This year, the crowds came out once again in full force and we were ready.  At Skyline, employees were up even before the sun came out preparing for the market which is swamped on this day every year and we love so many things about it.  We had more than a dozen employees there to help folks and we brought in four truck loads of all kinds of flowers.

One thing that may surprise you, more men were there buying flowers than woman.  Over and over again, we were told it's probably because the women were at home preparing for the Thanksgiving feast.  It seems the men were doing the right thing and making sure their loved ones felt special by giving them flowers!  Sharing seemed to be the theme at the market.  People watching is always interesting to me.  One elderly woman wanted more flowers than she could afford.  So, a good samaritan offered to buy them for her.  It was great to see people in the holiday spirit and wanting to give back in any way possible.

Our Skyline team was just that, a great team.  I saw lots of smiles and everyone was willing to help each other.  Skyline's Vice President Tom Goldberg and even Skyline's Founder LeRoy Goldberg were there to pitch in as well.  Even mother nature did her part, Santa Monica had gorgeous weather.  The sun was shining, as if it were shining on the market and all the joy around.  Whatever the case, I find time and time again it's easy to smile when you're around flowers especially Skyline flowers!  

Calla Liles - Elegant Flowers

Calla lilies are very elegant flowers that are used for celebrating a special bond as well as celebrating someone's life.  On one hand, it's used in weddings as a sign of purity and on the other hand, it resembles resurrection and often planted in the graves.  Some say they are a symbol of magnificent beauty and innocense.

The name of the calla lily is somehow inaccurate as the flower is neither a calla, nor a lily.  The calla lily is scientifically called zantedschia.  The flower originates in south Africa.

To make your calla lilies last, keep them in a cool place and away from direct sunlight or any kind of heat. Change their water every two days and if you see that they are drying out, cut their stems from the bottom under running water. 

Also, remember that the calla lilies are poisonous flowers, so keep them away from children or pets.

Monday, November 19, 2012


When you think of tulips, what comes to your mind?  A lot of people think Holland and tulips go hand in hand.  It's a common association and for good reason, you can find some beautiful tulip farms there.  In fact, our CEO/President Joe Goldberg and Head Grower Nahum Sphak took a trip to Holland to check out some possibilities for new tulips as well as other flowers earlier this year (2012).

Our head grower says it typically takes us here at Skyline about two months to grow tulips.  Some say the meaning of tulips is generally "perfect love."

Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness. Variegated tulips, once among the most popular varieties due to their striking color patterns, represent beautiful eyes.

It seems to be one of the most recognized flowers in the world.  What some don't realize is that there are different types of tulips.  We grow standard tulips, parrot tulips, french tulips and peony tulips (also referred to as double tulips).  Each of them has a different and unique petal shape.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wheat - Perfect for the Fall!

It's a great green for the fall season and would look perfect on your Thanksgiving table!  Some say a wheat-harvest is an advancing state of "love and charity."

Skyline's Vice President, Tom Golberg, gave us some insight into wheat.  He says it grows from seeding to harvest in about 65 to 80 days depending on the weather and that wheat when it grows is green.  

If you dry the wheat in a dark area it will dry green.  However, if the wheat is dried in the sun it will dry golden brown. After the wheat is dried, it can be dip dyed (submerged in dye).  When the wheat is fresh (green) it can be dyed orange, red and blue. The wheat is put in the buckets with the dye and the dye is then absorbed through the stems. 

Either way, wheat is a wonderful green to have this time of year.  Whether you display it alone or with other flowers, it's sure to  lively up your home or office.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Did you know there's a flower that literally follows the sun?  Yes, there is and it's the gorgeous sunflower.

Some say sunflowers are gifts of radiant warmth and are the happiest of flowers!  Their meanings include loyalty and longevity.  

There are some people who don't realize there are all sorts of sunflowers.  For example, we grow one with a unique coloring called "Ring of Fire."  The most well known looking sunflower we grow is called "Sun Bright."  Depending on the weather, it can take between 45 to 90 days to grow.  If it's really warm they grow faster.

If you plan on keeping sunflowers around, plan to give those flowers lots of water.  It seems they never get enough and require you to fill up that vase on a regular basis.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A closer look at Gerberas

It's one of the most popular flowers, considered a "happy flower" and comes in an amazing array of colors!

Some say the floral meaning of Gerberas stem from the general daisy family.  These meanings include innocence and purity.  Daisies are also a classic symbol of beauty.  However, the Gerbera variety holds an added meaning of cheerfulness which stems from the assortment of colors available.

On a regular basis, we are growing and are trying new gerberas so that we can offer the best varieties possible.  They come in a mini size, standard size and even in bicolors.  

It typically takes about 16 weeks to plant gerberas from seeds and for them to grow and fully bloom.  In addition, each one has its own unique name.

When it comes to making Gerberas last, bleach is your best friend!  We've seen it firsthand.  If a Gerbera is drooping over, a touch of bleach will most times add new life. 

Here's something else you may find interesting, we cut most of our flowers at a tight stage but Gerberas are different.  They must be cut at its finished stage of development.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Read more about Skyline's Stock

Stock is known for its smell and of course, in a good way.  It's a wonderfully fragrant flower.  At Skyline, we grow them in all sorts of colors--  white, fuchsia, lavender, blue (it looks more purple to the average person), cream, light pink, dark pink and apple (a very light pink).  

Stock is used many times in wedding bouquets and arrangements.  People who are getting married love this flower since it comes in a pure white color and is unique.  In fact, some say 
stock is a symbol of a happy life and represents lasting beauty.  The floral meaning brings a bond of affection that tells the person receiving it that they will always be beautiful to the party that gave it to them.  

It takes about 15 weeks for us to plant stock and for them to grow to the size needed for the cut flower industry.  Typically, the flower grows 28 plus inches. 

Stock is also called gillyflower or Virginia stock.  As with any other flower, change it's vase water frequently and be sure to remove any foliage below the water line.  It is native to Southwestern Greece and the Mediterranean.

Friday, October 12, 2012

A closer look at Skyline's Dahlias

The bright, vivid colors and rich, deep foliage--  just a couple of the many reasons Dahlias stand out among the spectacular flowers that are out there and available to customers.

What makes Skyline Flower Growers unique when it comes Dahlias, we grow some of them year round which is rare for growers.  However, we have others that are only grow on a seasonal basis, typically grown between late May/June and November.

If you walk our farm, you can find our Dahlias grown in greenhouses and tunnels.  They typically take 12 weeks to grow and are cut when fully open and blooming.

We recommend keeping the water as cold as possible to make the Dahlias last as long as possible.  In fact, some of our farmers market employees tell customers to put ice cubes inside their vases to kept the water cold, cold.  It's a simple trick that seems to make a big difference!

As far as the symbolism behind Dahlias, some say when given as a gift the dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance.  Some also say it's the symbol of commitment and bond that lasts forever.  Dahlias are used in many flower arrangements as well to celebrate love and marriage.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A beautiful mix of flowers!


Wheat                                                                      Sunflowers
Seafoam Statice                                        Pink Oriental Lilies 
Asiatic Lilies in our beautiful fall colors!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tulips are back!

We're producing our Skyline Tulips once again.  
Ask your Sales Representative for more information.



Yellow & Orange Asiatic Lilies - Perfect for the fall


Friday, September 21, 2012

Check out Skyline's orange lilies for the fall!

Orange Lilies for the fall!
Dahlias, Dahlias & More Dahlias
Big and Beautiful!
New Gerberas - Skyline has expanded its Gerberas production.  Here's a look at some of our new Skyline Gerberas!

Skyline has new Gerberas coming!


Pink Orientals 
Skyline is expanding its Gerberas production.  Here's a look at one of our new Gerberas called Lucia. 

Skyline's Larkspur & Stock

 Skyline's Larkspur
Skyline's Stock

Skyline's Gorgeous Flowers!