Friday, December 14, 2012

Skyline grows Ranunculus year round

At first glance, bloomed Ranunculus appear so delicate that they almost look to be made of tissue paper.  The flower, which is also known as a buttercup, is grown in a variety of colors and is very popular among brides.

Here at Skyline, it takes about three months to grow Ranunculus and typically, they're grown on our farm under shade clothes.  What separates us from other growers, we grow Ranunculus year round which is rare.

Some say in the language of flowers, a bouquet of Ranunculus says, "I am dazzled by your charms."  It is thought the blooms are captivating and dazzle the eyes.  They are ideal for a new love interest or someone you highly admire.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Snap City USA - Snapdragons

Skyline is known for its beautiful "Snapdragons."  In fact, we are known around the world as "Snap City USA."  The tall flowers typically take around ten weeks to grow on our farms.  Of course, depending on our weather conditions.

Snapdragons are a favorite among children who like to pinch the tiny individual blossoms and make the "dragon mouth" open and close. It's said the common name for this colorful flower comes from the snap it makes when the sides of the "dragon's mounth" are gently squeezed.  Their large, blossom-laden flower heads are faintly fragrant and come in all sorts of bright colors.

It seems their actual origin is unknown, but it's believed that snapdragons were originally wildflowers in Spain and Italy. Legend has it that concealing a snapdragon makes a person appear fascinating and cordial, and in the language of flowers, snapdragons are said to represent both deception (perhaps tied to the notion of concealment) and graciousness.

Here's how some expand on the meanings:

Meaning 1: Deception
Legend has it that the suitor who hides a snapdragon has allure and an appearance of congeniality. From this concealment may have arisen the tradition that snapdragons signify deception. Deception can be an accusation, a query, or a private meaning for an individual circumstance. When combined with another flower, such as purple hyacinth which expresses an apology, the general message could be a humble plea for forgiveness of an indiscretion.

Meaning 2: Graciousness
Gracious--synonymous with benevolent, courteous, and obliging--is a secondary meaning for the snapdragon. When given to a hostess, the snapdragon presents the perfect picture of formal appreciation for kind hospitality. Used in bridal bouquets, the snapdragon may represent a wish for a fortunate and blessed marriage.